DJ Spacecamp! It's my DJ name (I'm a 5x graduate of the Space Camp program [specifically, Advanced Space Academy] in Huntsville, Alabama). I've been DJing professionally since 2006. This is the part of the DJ bio where someone name drops all of the people who they've shared the stage with. Do you really want to read about how I've DJed sets on the same billing as The Glitch Mob, Free The Robots, The Hood Internet, Dusky, Pumpkin, and more? Does it really matter that I've played in prestigious venues like Public Works and Mezzanine, or on art cars roaming the desert playa at Burning Man? Are you really worried about that? Me either. 

How about, instead, I link you to some of my favorite sets I've recorded? Here's a deep / tech house mix that I did and love: 

But I'm a versatile and well-rounded DJ and love many genres. Here are some self-granted superlatives about this next mix, all liquid drum and bass: 

What's that, you want even more diversity? Here's a Halloween-themed trap mix for you, then: